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My pony re-watch journey has ended and i am sharing the ending with you! Now just to sort of my top 5 for each season and explain all my choices. Then do my top 11 songs, and review the comics. ...I'm not even close to done, am I?

So yeah, this was a fun reaction to do and i hope my voice isn't a problem, given how much i ramble in this one. btw, my scorecards/opoins for each Season won't be posted until the very day my top 15 comes out, so i won't spoil anything. wink wink.
V/H/S review
Now on DVD, Blu-Ray and Netflix!

So recently I tore into I Didn't Do It's “Lindy Nose Best” for a 2nd time. (By the way, I found out someone else did a notepage on it. Yay!) In that piece, I said my brother mentioned a Good Luck Charlie episode with a similar plot. I hadn't seen it in awhile, so I watched it. It's from Season and it is called “Teddy's Little Helper”.

So how is it compared to Lindy Nose Best? ….It's better in every single way. It's like they somehow went into the future, saw that disaster and made it good. It has the basic set up:

A Teacher, Mr Dingwall in this case, gives Teddy a weaker grade than she's used to, and she suspects he doesn't like her, and she tries to fix that. Now, the first thing to address is that this goes the route this story tends to go, instead of making a half assed detour.

In LNB, Lindy did something objectively bad to earn his hatred, and the episode seemed to be adressesing that one issue, but in the end decided to justify it and villain-ized the teacher to justify it further.

TLH goes to high road and mostly does what plots like this...but better. It even fixes an issue with “Nobody Doesn't like TJ” but we'll get to that in a bit. First off, Dingwall actually had a good reason giving her a simple B. He found her Book Report a tad dry. It had nothing t do a with a personal vendetta.

Even if the rest sucked, that alone would put it above Lindy Nose Best. While he clearly has issues with her (mostly due to caring so much about this stuff), that is not the reason he gave her a B. At least not the extent of LNB. Also, he is never treated as the bad guy and he is not tortured. One part comes close but Teddy is not put in the right for causing it.

Basically, here is what happens: Teddy finds out the reasoning, and she tries to spice up her report. He finds he has a soft spot for babies, specifically Charlie, so she includes Charlie in her Oral Report. That goes badly, but she gets a good Grade for spicing her report up a bit. She asks him if he if truly doesn't like her, and he tells her that he doesn't matter if he does, as his grade had nothing to do with his feelings. He also says that not everyone will like you, and Teddy clearly learns that lessons, although it's clear it's gonna awhile for her to really get used to the idea.

While some aspects of Teddy in this episode may drag it down for some, the acting and writing make her fall more likable than Lindy ever was. This episodes gives Dingwall a decent reason for not liking her, but it doesn’t go too far with Teddy's obsession, he is not hurt too much, and the intended lesson is taught.

So yeah, better than LNB and NDLT. It does so much right that it makes me wonder if Micheal Fitzpatrick, the writer, has time travel tech, and used it to watch Lindy Nose Best, and fixed it. I thought I would have more to say, but I think that's all I got.

Every step of the way, it fixes my problems with Lindy Nose Best. It's still not perfect, and it's not one of GLC's best episodes by any stretch. Teddy learns the lesson, the teacher is not villainized, and it's actually funny.

So yeah, watch that episode and avoid Lindy Nose Best, like any normal person. I could say more about the episode, but what I said is all you need to know. I've said exactly how it fixes my issues, so I think I shall take my leave.

So yeah....bye.

I've seen a lot of people complain about a certain character getting too much screen time in a certain season. That give me this idea. I'll list each episode, from each season, and say who is stars, and who wrote that episode. We'll see who has the most episodes, and which writer tend to get certain character episodes. I'm doing a Deviation for each Season to make things easier. (Yeah, seemed too complex for a journal)

Now, besides the obvious, we'll also be pointing “Mane 6 episodes” (eps that star everyone, mostly), Spike episodes, CMC episodes, and Collab episodes. Meaning, episodes starring two character, like how Fall Weather friends stars AJ AND Rainbow Dash.

Now, for an ep to count as a CMC episode, it either has to star all of them, or a certain member to a huge extent. So Call of the cutie is a CMC ep despite being about Applebloom, and Sleepless in Ponyville will count come Season 3, despite starring mostly Scootaloo.

The only one that is debatable is Sisterhoves Social, but we'll cross that bridge come Season 2. So here we go, and feel free to debate on how valid each one is:

FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC: Twilight/Mane 6 (Lauren Faust)

TICKET MASTER Twilight Sparkle/Mane 5 (though it can be seen as a full mane 6 ep, as the others learn the moral) (Lauren Faust & Amy Keating Rogers)

APPLEBUCK SEASON: Applejack (Amy Keating Rogers)

GRIFFON THE BRUSH OFF: Pinkie Pie/Rainbow Dash (Cindy Morrow) (Collab)

BOAST BOASTERS: Twilight  (Chris Savino)

DRAGONSHY: Fluttershy (Meghan McCarthy)

LOOK BEFORE YOU SLEEP: Rarity/Applejack (Equal focus is given to both) (Charlotte Fullerton)  (Collab)

BRIDLE GOSSIP: Mane 6 (Amy Keating Rogers)

SWARM OF THE CENTURY: Mane 6 (Though I suppose pinkie saving the day could make this debatable) (MA Larson)

WINTER WRAP UP: Twilight (Cindy Morrow)

CALL OF THE CUTIE: Applebloom/CMC (Meghan McCarthy)

FALL WEATHER FRIENDS: Applejack/Rainbow Dash (Amy Keating Rogers) (Collab)

SUITED FOR SUCCES: Rarity (Charlote Fullerton)

FEELING PINKIE KEEN: Pinkie Pie/Twilight (Focuses on a trait of Pinkie's, but Twilight is the focus and learns the moral) (Dave Polsky) (Collab)

SONIC RAINBOOM: Rainbow Dash (Though Rarity learns the lesson, sort of) (MA Larson)
THE STARE MASTER: CMC/Fluttershy (Chris Savino)


A Dog and Pony Show: Rarity(Amy Keating Rogers)

GREEN ISN'T YOUR COLOR: Rarity/Fluttershy (Meghan McCarthy) (Collab)

OVER A BARELL: Mane 6 (Yes, it takes place at something Apple-y but Applejack isn't given enough focus for it to count as an AJ episode) (Dave Polsky)

A BIRD IN THE HOOF: Fluttershy (Charlotte Fullerton)


OWL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL: Spike (Cindy Morrow)

PARTY OF ONE: Pinkie Pie (Meghan McCarthy)

THE BEST NIGHT EVER: Mane 6 (Amy Keating Rogers)

(This counts collabs are separate episodes for each)

TWILIGHT EPISODES:  5 (Is counting the pilot cheating?)


RARITY EPISODES: 4 (5 if you wish to count Sonic Ranboom as a “Collab” episode,which I don't)






COLLAB EPISODES: 5 (6 if you want to count Stare master)


And now we have the writer sum up, where I list all the writers for this season (who came back in future season, so no Chris Savino or Lauren Faust), and see which character had the most episode in their...resume...list. Or Whatever.

AMY KEATING ROGERS: 1 Twilight episode,  2 AJ episodes,  1 Rainbow Dash Episode, 1 Rarity Episode,  1 Collab episode, 3 Mane 6 Episodes

CINDY MORROW: 1 Pinkie episode, 1 Rainbow Episode, 1 Twilight episode, 1 Spike episode, and 1 CMC episode, and 1 Collab episode.

MEGHAN MCCARTHY: 2 Fluttershy episodes, 1 CMC episode, 1 Rarity episode, 1 Pinkie episode, and 1 Collab.

CHARLOTTE FULLERTON: 2 Rarity episodes, 1 Applejack episode, 1 Fluttershy episode, and 1 collab.

MA LARSON: 2 Mane 6 episodes, and one Rainbow Dash episode.

DAVE POLSKY: 1 Pinkie episode,  1 Twilight episode, 1 Collab, and 1 Mane 6 episode.

So it looks like  the most screentime was given to Twilight and the Mane 6. Note that none of Twilight's episode are given the “Too Much Twilight” criticism that people give to Season 1. Since you know, episodes about her get a pass, natrully.

This makes sense, since the show is starting out, and we need to get to know our Mane characters. Some Mane 6 episodes have equal focus on each (Cutie Mark Chronicles) while others just happen to feature everypony (Swarm of the century).

Note that AJ and RD got the least episodes, enough though the latter was fairly prominent in other episodes. Interesting. The main thing to take away is that Twilight got a lot of episodes as well as screen time in other episodes. Though it never bugged me, as I didn't find her OOC in any of those episodes. (Not even  Fall Weather Friends, for reasons I'll explain another time)

Otherwise, there was a solid balance as each learned at least one lesson, which is important for your first season, as we need to Establish everyone.

Now for the writer notes. It seems like MA and Amy like doing Mane 6 episodes the most. Best Night Ever and Cutie Mark Chronicles are proof alone. Aside from that, no huge in spike in character episodes for each writer. No writer seems to have even 3 eps for a certain character, which makes things...balance, I guess.

Though it's worth noting Amy has 2 Applejack episodes here, Charlotte has 2 Rarity eps, and Meghan has 2 Fluttershy ones. But all of them rely on collabs to count so yeah, no writer gets too many episodes for a certain character. At least in Season 1.

I didn't put my personal opinions, or anyone else,s as part of the count and since I want my top 5 to be secret for now, I couldn't do so even if I wanted. So overall, Season 1 seems even more or less, with nothing really huge to note.

Do you have any observations I missed? Do you think I'm a dumbass who didn't count things right? Sound off below. Next, Season 2!
Oh yeah, we went there.

Part 2:

Part 3:

I ended up saying more in this one. Weird. This was fun to do, i must say. And now we're seen RR 3 times, the 2nd being the fist DF airing earlier. After seeing it 3 times,  i fully appreciate some of the clever writing here, despite any logic problems you nitpickers find.


United States
I'm a 18 year old weirdo who loves movies and Tv. I have a blog where I discuss those things.

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My pony re-watch journey has ended and i am sharing the ending with you! Now just to sort of my top 5 for each season and explain all my choices. Then do my top 11 songs, and review the comics. ...I'm not even close to done, am I?

So yeah, this was a fun reaction to do and i hope my voice isn't a problem, given how much i ramble in this one. btw, my scorecards/opoins for each Season won't be posted until the very day my top 15 comes out, so i won't spoil anything. wink wink.

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