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Spongey's Notebook: Crocker Shocker by Spongey444
Spongey's Notebook: Crocker Shocker
I haven't done an FOP notepage yet, so i picked an episode i heard bad things about and oh yeah, it was something. Like a lot of Modern fOP episodes, there were some good jokes, and it's far from the most painful thing ever,  but the story is so cruel and terrible that it's just ugh..

And yes, Amy Keating Rogers is somewhat behind this thing. The hell? And the main writer wrote  Bad Heir Day, the best Poof Era episode? The hell? And that one was before this one, mind you. So yeah, Add Crocker to the Megward the Wizard list.

As a side note, this seemed to be the season of Mlp writers, as we had an episode by Charlotte  Fullerton, and one by Ed Valentine. Weird.
Terrific TV: Bionic Showdown by Spongey444
Terrific TV: Bionic Showdown
I think it's safe to say that Disney is better at "Ratings traps" than Nick. That does it for Lab Rats, though i may go back and do the Season 2 finale at some point. Not much else to say except this episode is good.

NEXT: We're still on Disney XD but things are a bit more ...purple...
The Giving G review by Spongey444
The Giving G review
Nevermind, THIS is the biggest surprise of Season 1. All i knew before watching this was that Marioking was doing an 1001 on it. That's it. So the big ending took my by surprise and it hit pretty hard. I never thought this show would achieve a tear jerker, but man, it did it.

By the way, this was the first episode to be produced. What a way to strech your legs, right? I can see why they didn't air it first,  but did they have to air Brett venom MD/Laugh Quacke first? That's a bad first impession.
1001 Animations: Booger Johnson by Spongey444
1001 Animations: Booger Johnson
Yeah, i figured I'll knock out my honorable mention before taking out the others in my top 5. however, that will be after MarioKing does his final S&C 1001 for NA month. I already took a big chance spoiling this wouldn't be the one he does. Ah well. But seriously, it seems like if the gross word in the title is not a theme in the episode, it will be good.

The only exception to this is Butt's up, which features plenty of butts, but is actually good. Weird.
Spongebob Season 4 Scorecard by Spongey444
Spongebob Season 4 Scorecard
This only took like 5 minutes, if that. SO MANY CHECKS.
30 Checks

7 Meh

No X's.

1 Debatable. Read my Karen Analysis if you wanna know why  Enemy in Law is mixed for me.

BIG UPDATE: I'm remaking my Scorecards, so the Check's and Mehs look a lot cleaner, and stuff like that.
UPDATE: Added missing episodes. Card is now complete!

Yeah, there were no episode i flat out disliked. Sure, there were ones i didn't care for too much (The Thing being the biggest example) but they weren't BAD. They have some things to enjoy.

This is a praised Season for a Reason. The good episodes are really good, and the not so good ones aren't THAT bad. It even has my fave post movie episode of all time!

CONTROVERSIAL: SquidBob TentaclePants, Karate Island, Squidtastic voyage, Rule of Dumb, Best Day ever

That's all i got


United States
I'm a 18 year old weirdo who loves movies and Tv. I have a blog where I discuss those things.

Current Residence: Texas
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Paint
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck
Personal Quote: "There's more annoying film cynicism online than there is porn"
All the cool kids are doing, so I decided to show you what i think Pigeguy will rate the Season 6 episodes in his upcoming review. I tried to use his thoughts on other episodes as a biases, as well as stuff he said on SBM (lke how he said the Plankton episodes consistently good). Now, there will an * next to them. That means I'm not 100 percent sure, and it could go either way. Most of the time it's cuz i don't know if it will be meh or scumbob, though there are exceptions.

So here we go.

House Fancy-Meh (Now you see why that * thing was implemented)

Krabby Road-Good

Penny Foolish-Scumbob

Nautical Novice-Scumbob*


Suction Cup Symphony= Good*

Not Normal-Good


The Splinter-Scumbob (duh)

Slide Whistle Stooges-Scumbob

A Life in a Day-Meh*

Sun Bleached-Scumbob

Giant Squidward-Scumbob*

No Nose Knows-Meh*

Patty Caper-Meh*

Plankton's Regular-Scumbob

Boating Buddies-Scumbob

Krabby Kronichle-Scumbob*

The Slumber Party-Good*

Grooming Gary-Good

Spongebob Vs The Big One-Meh*

Purous Pockets-Meh*

Choir Boys-Scumbob

Krusty Krushers-Good

The Card-Scumbob

Dear Vikings-Scumbob*


Grandpappy The Pirate-Good

Cephalpod Lodge-Scumbob

Squid's Visit-Scumbob

To Squarepants or Not To Squarepants-Scumbob*


Professor Squidward-Scumbob

Pet or Pests-Scumbob

Komputer Overload-Good*

Gullible Pants-Scumbob


No Hat for Pat-Meh*

Toy Store of Doom-Meh*

Sand Castles in the Sand-Good

Shell Shocked-Meh*

Chum Bucket Supreme-Good

Single Cell Anniversary-Good

Truth or Square-Scumbob (Duh)

Pineapple Fever-Scumbob

Chum Caverns-Good*

Clash of Triton-Scumbob

Okay, if this goes exactly the way i predict, this will be the tally



Ouch. Chances are I'll be wrong on some of them, and when the review comes out eventually ("I'll get to it eventually") i'll do a post saying what i got wrong. So yeah, that's it. Bye.

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Could you describe what an animation would have to do to reach the "bad", "awful", and "horrible" ratings on the tower in your opinion?
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Nothing goes below Awful. And honestly, it depends on the context. For full shows, you must really do something bad to get Awful, and when i do my cartoon tower, you'll see what that means. An example of an Awful show is Brickleberry, i'll say that now.
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