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United States
I'm a 18 year old weirdo who loves movies and Tv. I have a blog where I discuss those things.

Current Residence: Texas
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Paint
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck
Personal Quote: "There's more annoying film cynicism online than there is porn"

Awhile ago, I asked you guys to request some bad episodes to do notebooks I've done the requests I got, except Stanely's Cup and the American Dad episodes, the latter of which I will get around to. As for Stanley's Cup, I re-watched it, and I felt I like I would saying the same thing others have said, and I don't feel as strongly about.

It's an enjoyable spoof of cliché sports movies …..until the very end. Let's just say I found the inspiration for Super Robin. I can't tell which one is worse. For 1 one of you who don't remember, Stan's team loses, and they do a joke where where we focus on the losing team as it acts like it's their story. I listed to the creator commentary on the episode and they said that was the whole joke and they know this episode isn't exactly popular.

I get that and I wouldn't mind it....if the cancer kid didn't freaking die! Seriously, he dies and he's like “Screw you stan”. That's some cruel stuff. If they just lost , I would be okay but nope, they had to go do that. I could have done a page but it only be a 3 for Audio, 10 in Cruestly, 4 in writing, , and 4 disturbing content. That's 21, which is fine (I've done lower scores) but I'm just passionate enough, sorry.

Onto the main point of this journal. I want more requests, but this time I will list specific shows I want episodes for. Make any requests you want, but try to find some episodes from these shows:

Fish Hooks

American Dad

The Cleveland Show

The Fairly Odd Parents (No Wishful life, it's been done)

Hannah Montana

Fred: The Show

ANT Farm

Jimmy Neutron

Amazing world of Gumball

Zoey 101

Crash and Bernstein

Cory in the house

Even Stevens (Someone suggested one episode. They compared it to Freaky Fido. I'm nto looking forward to it)



Uncle Grandpa

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

The Suite life of Zack and Cody (I think I've done enough On Deck episodes, to say the least)

Good Luck Charlie

Austin & Ally


Teen Titans Go! (Eh, I love  bashing the bad episodes even though i've done 3 already. )

Fanboy and Chum Chum

Kim Possible

Brandy and Mr Whiskers

Danny Phantom

There's others, but those are the main ones. Request away!

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