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BATDeRp Consept Arhtwurk - Awwsome Carecter! by JakeAnderson733



Top 40 Next Best Pnf Songs (Part 1)
Yeah, figured i might as well
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RC 9GN Season 2 Scorecard (Incomplete) by Spongey444
RC 9GN Season 2 Scorecard (Incomplete)
And I'm done for now. Tomorrow, i start watching Modern FOP, finally. As for this Season, it improved in some ways (less bad jokes, an actual story arc) but has some issues, like a formula I'll get into in my look at blog, and Howard being his worst in some episodes. Also, less "great" ones but that rating is kind of weird anyway, and a few eps came close to being great such as Debbie Meddle ("Randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja? It sounds ridiculous") and some good ones were pretty darn solid.

FAVORITES: Winner takes ball (may a 1001, but since it's leadin to the finale, i might wait for that), escape from scrap city, alopolcyse now.

And of course, it is time for the Debatable episodes:


After Randy tells a “scary” story about  the titular Mudfart, he goes missing and of course the friends think mudfart got it. Randy is a bit dick-ish pranking them at the start but that’s not the problem. See, Howard seems concered for Randy after he vanishes…but only because he wants to brad to Randy about him beign right about Mudfart. And he’s like this whole time even after they think Randy died. Then there’s unneacxary bad treatment of Doug (who is pretty much the Meg of the show) and some other little issues, like them knowingly mocking Jason Meyers (the real “mudfart”) even after they hear what happened in the story. And the whole thing was all a story for none of it even matters.

But it has some cool parts, Howard does kind of seem to care, and Jason/Mudfart is voiced by Robert Englaund.  Yeah.


For the most part, this one is fine. Randy fakes sick to get off school but Howard fails to do so. Randy leanrs his lesson and it’s fine…but how does Howard react to dealing with school without randy? He calls up McFist and tells him The Ninja sick so he can send his robots to school, and thus Randy would have to Ninja out and show up at school.

…The hell, dude?

Otherwise the episode Is fine…but wow Howard, really?


Randy and Howard sneak into McFists house to get a boomerang back (was a gift from Howard’s relative, and he needs to keep it cuz if he loses it that means no more gifts from the relative). They get it quickly but want to stick around cuz of all the cool stuff in the house.

The Nomicom’s wisedom on this is “Don’t go in somebody elses’ house…and somehow Randy twists this into something else as usual. He’s…usually not this episode. However, you get the feeling that’s the joke since it feels like he knew and was trying to twist it, and Howard even calls him out on this later. That’s just sad.

But to cement this episodes rating, they lose the boomerang and Howard even says he didn’t care, forgetting the big reason he needed to keep it. So yeah, this episode is pointless and they more or less got no compuuance. They even guilt tripped Viceroy into getting him to stay quiet. Woo hoo.


Rachel writers a sweet song about The Ninja and she offers to help The Ninja out with some stuff. The Nomicon tells him that “He who relies on others can rely on himself for nothing”. Of course he ignores it because he was lashing out at Howard for being guilty of that, making Randy do all his stuff, and turns into a dick, relying on Rachel too much.

The problem here lies in how the moral is portrayed. It’s a good one, and this episode has stuff to like, most notably the song which is sweet. Infact, it was written by a fan, and the creators found it and pretty much wrote this episode around it. Which makes me feel guilty for having problems.

See, The Nomicon showed up at the wrong time. Rachel went on a speil about how she knows that the almighty Ninja doesn’t like help but she feels he should accept help sometimes. So when the nomicon tells him this now, it feels it’s saying that accepting help is bad which is…yeah. Usually the nomicon wants Randy to obey it’s advice right there, and given the context, if he did, Rachel would be pissed and she’d be off getting  Stank’d.

See my problem here? But then we also have Howard, who has a subplot where it seems like he will learn to fend for his himself since he was forcing Randy to do stuff for him…but in the end Randy apologizes for that, even though he has nothing to apologize for. Howard kind of admits Randy was right but he more or less turns back to normal, showing he learned nothing. So the character who actually needed to learn the lesson learned nothing. Yay.


Howard blames one of his nasty farts on the ninja, so the ninja becomes a laughing stock which bothers Randy. Howard doesn’t help this problem at all, and in the end we get a re-hash of the moral from living in shoooblivin. Then after a fun adventure…it turns out to be a story Howard told to more or less explain that he ripped one.  

Christ, I thought Howard was back in Mastermind. I mean, he kind of learns something but him doing to begin with And the moral is a bit off cuz there’s no way Randy could ignore it with people genuinely bugging him about it and it being an issue. That and his best friend started it. If Randy actually ripped one it would be a lot stronger.

I could enjoy the middle part if it wasn’t the cop out ending…that the already did in curse of mudfart. Meh.

Randy Cunningham Report Card by Spongey444
Randy Cunningham Report Card
I hope to an 1001 on this show someday.

UPDATE: Changed a couple things and the grade.
(I wrote a FI journal covering various topics but i ended up writing so much for this one that i gave it it's own journal)

As a Disney Channel/XD Connesiour, you might be surprised it took me this long to get to this one. Well I was gonna watch when it came out but I kind of forgot and lost interests. But now I gave it a shot and watched the first 3 episodes and….it’s okay.

As someone who tolerates everything else these channels put out, I’m in no position to really say anything negative but I kind of have to. I find some level of charm here and  imagine it will get better as I watch more episodes. And despite the problems, I don’t hate it. But it does some problems.

Basically, it’s about the titular kid as he …does crazy stuff with his friends. And he’s also an animator. Yeah, one problem is that the gimmick is..kind of weak. Kirby has various drawings of character he made up and that sometimes pop up for some jokes…and that’s it.

Their all in his imagination so don’t worry, this isn’t Disney’s Out of Jimmy’s head…cuz if it was it, these things would have a reason for being here. Seriously, they make up like 5 minutes of each episode at best.  Cut them out and the show is no different.

As a result, it’s another show with kids being crazy. Even I didn’t do it has more of a catch to it…however, you can say it’s…sense of humor sets it apart. By that i mean…well there’s a sanjay and craig writer on this show. That tell you anything?

It’s not too gross but one of krirby’s character has three asses cuz…comedy? Some of it is funny, but mostly the…weirdest stuff that isn’t gross/dumb.

. The episodes I saw were the pilot, killer puppies, and the year of Friday’s, if you want context. Turns out they seem to be first three in production order only, because they suck at live action scheduling too.  The other flaw is that Kirby isn’t exactly the most likable sometimes. He’s mixed in all three eps…well except killer puppies.

Let’s that out of the way first. I almost did a negative spongey’s thoughts in the vein of subsitute teacher. Yeah. Kirby pretends to be sick to get out of class and they think he has a big diases that could kill him called “P.U.P.P.I.E.S”. They do a few amusing jokes with this them. (“Together we’ll beat puppies!”) .

Everyone worries themselves over this and Kirby gets out of stuff due to this. Of course it seems to working its way towards a moral about lies and how it’s bad to do this stuff. Eventually, there’s a huge fundraiser for him. His bitchy-y sister catches find of this and pretty much ditches her subplot to prove Kirby is a liar.

Long story short, she has him eat gross stuff to prove he has puppies since a symptom is having no taste buds. Naturally, Kirby cracks and reacts to it’s gross-ness….and everyone shouts that he has been cured of his sick-ness and everything goes back to normal.

In other words, Kirby fakes a very serious illness, gets everyone worried about him…and gets away scott free and learns nothing. …Bah. Why does this keep happening? It’s not funny, it’s just stupid! Yeah, the sister was trying to out him to be a bitch but Kirby still did something bad and that deserves punishment!

It’s important to point Dawn out cuz the show can’t decide if her treatment is unfair or not. She’s pretty much a bitch but Kirby is also a bit too dick-ish to her especially in certain moments in the pilot. The ending gags is about torturing her a bit unfairly kind of undercutting a nice moment from the previous scene. Though it her fault in a way for assuming putting an unflattering caricature of her on TV will get her anything but scorn.

 Kirby has enough okay moments to make up for this but it’s still something to keep in mind. I’m not sure how to feel about his friends just yet since so far they just have some dumb moments, but maybe they get better.

Dawn is actually my favorite part of the show, cuz in all 3 eps, her subplot with her friend/servant was easily the funniest part of those episodes. I like the chemistry she has with the friend and I love how bitch-y she can get.

This show is a bit lukewarm so far compared to some other XD shows but I think it can improve. These episodes were just a bit shakey in certain areas, although year of Fridays had the least flaws, even if it the conflict flat out gets started by the dawn torture stuff.

At this moment…it’s okay. though given my tastes, you shouldn’t take this too seriously. We’ll see how the rest goes for me.

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United States
I'm a 189 year old weirdo who loves movies and Tv. I have a blog where I discuss those things.

Current Residence: Texas
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Personal Quote: "There's more annoying film cynicism online than there is porn"
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I'm not sure if you take requests, but if you do, try and give Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (a good preschool show, IMO) a shot. Yeah, sure, it will be annoying, weird, and your typical little kids show (with Wubbzy being sort-of like Caillou), but at least we have a decent set of main characters (voiced by well-known, at least in the cartoon industry voice actors), tons of music, and good plots and stories (mostly in Season 2).

Tell me if I'm being a bit of a rabid fan, but it's just been a little hidden gem that has clinged to me over the years. Also, sorry for barging in, but I'm new here.
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hmm...we';ll see.
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Sorry to butt in like this, but here's the latest episode.
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How? For example... watching the show? It hasn't been on TV for more than a year, so if you want to watch it, you can:
-Pick up some DVDs on Amazon or the bargain bin (without looking weird... right?)
-There is a good amount of episodes on Google Play
-Starz VOD (because Starz produced the series, even though it aired on Nick Jr.)
-There used to be almost every episode on YT, but Starz went copyright crazy and took them down a year ago. You might still find one or two if you're lucky.
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yeah that's kind of what i meant. also, given my tastes, i would look weird watching/buying hte show.
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