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I'm a 18 year old weirdo who loves movies and Tv. I have a blog where I discuss those things.

Current Residence: Texas
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Paint
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck
Personal Quote: "There's more annoying film cynicism online than there is porn"

Man, that was something. It took awhile, but in the end, it was fun to do awhile. I orgnally planned to only do the big ones, but i ended up doing every single semi interesting episode. How many did I do?


....DAY-UM! I may have miscounted, but i have to at least done 80,and there's a few I had to leave out! If you feel I left out a good one, do your own if you wish.

Anyway, it's time for the wrap up stuff

First off, here are the stats, starting with the number of episodes from each Season i covered overall:

Season 1: 11, counting Unfair Science fair as one story

Season 2: 31

Season 3: 33 (34 if you count At2d, also this counts That's the spirit even though i did it later

Season 4: 22 (23 counting Lost in danville

Season 3 has the most, and Season 1  has the least. ....But you can ahead and say it has 13 if you throw in Hail Doofania and  DWGTBBT, which i will for this next part.


Now for the reasons I did this wrap up. I'll be seeing how many time each writer pops up, to see who the best writer really is. Let's get started!

Dan Povenmire: 3 (Counting atd)

Jeff 'Swampy" Marsh: 2 (Counting at2d)

Kent Osbore: 3

Aliki T Graft: 24

Jon Colton Barry: 19 (Counting at2d)

Mike Roth: 6

Chrid Headrick: 3

Chong Suk Lee: 9

Sherm Cohen: 4

Antoine Guilbaud: 21

Michael Diederich: 20

Pierro Piluso: 10

Elizabeth Ito: 1

Kim Roberson: 13

Joe Orrantia: 18 (19 counting lost in Danville)

Perry Zomolas: 4

Kaz: 16

Robert F Hughes: 1

Kyle Menke:  11

May Chan: 1

Jennifer Keene: 1

Martin Olson: 1

Scott Peterson:  2

Jeff Meyers: 1

Bernie Petterson: 12

Tom Minton: 3

Mike Milo: 4

Zac Moncreif:  2

John Mathot:  10

Derek Thompson : 2

Edgar Karapetyan: 1

joshua Pruett: 5

Eddie Pitman: 6 (7 counting Lost in Danville)

Edward Rivera: 4

Micheal B singleton: 2

Mike Bell: 3

Patrick O Conner: 3


Awesome, now let’s counting the top 6 most seen writers


6. Kim Roberson

5. Kaz

4. Jon Colton Barry & Joe/JG Orrantia (Counting Lost in Danville, otherwise Jon is ahead of Joe)

3. Michael Diederich

2. Antoine Guilbaud

1. Aliki T Graft

Well, that’s both expected and unexpected, but awesome. My fave writer of Jon Colton Barry (not only for making my favorite episode, but for creating a lot of fan favorite characters/concepts) buthe only made number 4, along with Rodney himself. Eh, Aliki is my 2nd fave, so there you go.


Now for the ultimate countdown of my fave episodes per Season…except Season 4 cuz it’s not over yet.


Season 1

(Honorable Mentions: Voyage to the Bottom of Buford, One Good Scare)

5. Mom’s Birthday (Kent Osborne, Aliki)

4. The Best Lazy Day Ever (Jon Colton Barry, Mike Roth)

3. It’s About Time! (Jon Barry, Mike Roth, kent Osborne, Aliki)

2. Dude, We’re Getting the band back together! (Chris Headrink, Chong Lee)

1.  Phineas and Ferb Get Busted (Jon Barry, Pierro pullso)


Writer who appears the most: Jon Colton Barry. His best episode was number one.


Season 2:


(Honorable Mentions: Phineas and Ferb’s Quantum Boogaloo, The Beak, The Lemonade stand)

5. Oh, There you are Perry (Aliki, Antoine)

4. Rollercoaster the Musical (May chen, jennfier, Martin, Scott)

3. Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation (Jon Barry, Pierro)

2. Summer Belongs to You (Dan, Robert, Kyle, Kim, Micheal Deirdrich, Aliki, Antoine, Kaz, JG, Mike Roth, Perry)

1. Nerds of Feather (Jon Barry, Pilusso)


Writer that appears the most:  Tie between Aliki, Antoine, Jon, and Pierro.  Aliki’s best was SBTy, which was number. Antoine’s best was also SBTyh. Jon and Pierro’s best were Nerds of Feather, which was number one.


Season 3:


I have a full top 11 on my blog, (…)  but here’s the top 5:

5. A Real Boy (Aliki Grafft and Antoine Guilbaud)

4.  Excaliferb (Aliki T Grafft  and J.G. Orrantia)

3. The Remains of the Platypus (Zac Moncrief and John mathot)

2. Meapless  in Seattle (Derek Thomson,  John colton barry, and kyle menke)

1. Where’s Perry? (Bernie Petterson, J.G. Orrantia, Kaz, and Kim Roberson. Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft, Derek Thompson, Edgar Karapetyan, John Mathot, Jon Colton Barry. And Kyle Menke)


Writer who Appears the most: Aliki. Best was Where’s Perry, which was number one.


Who appears in my faves the most overall? Aliki and Jon,  of course. Both have 7 eps in all these faves. Yeah, they are the best writers.


That’s all I got. This was a fun project, and I hope you enjoyed. If a new ep comes out that is good enough, I’ll do one on that, but it seems there won’t be one for awhile. I’ve seen the “aired in forgein countries in English” ones, which are Inator method, and Lost in Danville, and while the latter was worthy, the formy wasn’t. Though it did have Django speaking. Yes, really. Also, Jenny and Albert. Damn.

Doof 101 should up in English soon, and I’ve seen a clip of it in Russian. Johnny appears for the first time since he broke up with Vannesa.

Oh boy.

Anyway, if you wanna do one on an ep you like more than I, just do it. I’ll be doing ones for assorted shows in the movies now, with focus on Spongeob eventually, as I have az few good ones that have not been done. Should be fun.

That’s all I got, so see ya.

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