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Yeah, decided not to do a vlog because i got other stuff going on, and there isn't too much to say. Guess we'll talk about the show ending first. You think a show this decent with this reception would be 4 Seasons, easily. But nope, gets cut down at 3. I'mbnot sure why,it has to be ratings in some way. I'm glad it at least got 3 and didn't' quite end on a cliffhanger like osme other shows but still, it's a bit sad. Especially since Liv and Madie is ending soon, and thus the amount of disney channel shows worth watching wll be down to like...1 for me, and 0 for every one else. At least for now.

Either way, for now this is the end. I tink they were told somewhat ahead of time so they could do this, but not quite far enough to do a huge blow out, as this is only 22 minutes. But in short, this was...nice. It really doesn't go too far beyond that, but it was still nice.

Yeah, it didnt' anymore dramatic than most episodes and the normal length kind of hurts it, as 40 minutes would be more time to flesh out the story and address over stuff. But for what they had, it was nice. There were some cute moments and one very nice moment, and a nice enough ending.

And damn near everyone showed up for this, leading to a giant applause. This show loves applauding at everything but this takes the cake. I think the main issue is that this feels a bit too basic for a finale. Yeah, you don't wanna go too big but it's clear they didn't have a ton of time to make something big so they did this. Still, it  least felt final enough and was nice. (Plus, they were able to put in meta  humor about the show ending)

As i said, it doesn't go too far beyond that, but at least it was nice and is better than ending on a normal ep or flat out cliffhanger. Oh, and the plot wise is the "main character is thinking of leaving" plot and i think you know where it's going. It works but yeah, it's basic.

Also, the credits are over an image and not shown during the final scene because is now the early 2000's...or disney xd, they do  that for some reason. So overall, this was nice...and i  can complain all i want, but it fits the show fine. A nice ending , for a nice show.

I'd like to return in some way but even if doesn't, I'll remember  it as something on Disney that people actually liked. As that review i did showed, it was very flawed, but well meaning and honestly had more good than bad. It at least tried and I'll take that over Insert Current Disney Sitcom You Hate Here.

So yeah, it may not have been perfect, but i still like and this finale was nice enough. I'm sure some will either overpraise or overhate it like with every GMW episode but ah well. I wish i had more to say,...but that's about it. Maybe there's more to say but i just want this done.

So there you go. Not ideal,  but nice enough for what it is. It's sad to see it go, but eh, at least it was nice enough. I'm more upset at Disney's treatment of their show and the dwindling amount of "good" ones than anything else, but that's a subject for another time.

Did i mention this was nice? ....Bye.
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johntheguy1 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017
I believe the end credits were paying homage to the Boy Meets World end credits.
MSExperience Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Except for GMW, Disney had not had a decent sitcom in years. It was nice to see a Disney sitcom in this decade with more mature characters and storylines with substance. It sucks that they cancelled this and will probably keep garbage like Bunk'd and Bizaardvark on the air for at least 5-6 years. I hope Netflix (not Freeform because they can be really unreliable) picks it up
You review two finales in the same week as the premieres of two shows. What are the odds?
Spongey444 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
yeah, weird
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